(April 2, 2009)

After a week of feeling down, I’m now back to my energetic self. I got a lot done yesterday and today.

I’ll probably be doing a presentation at a major bookstore and a signing at another bookstore during Mental Health Week, May 4 – 10. Now I’m trying to put together a press release that will do a good job of getting the word out to the media. The writing is not easy for me right now. I’ve done so little lately, my writing muscles are stiff and not moving very well. Yet writing is such an important part of my work.

What I would like to talk about is how the church can be supportive of people with mood disorders – especially by sponsoring support groups like Living Room.

Yesterday I heard about someone with bipolar disorder taking his life – someone involved with Living Room back East. Such a shock! With 15% of bipolar people dying by suicide the good support is of utmost importance. I was deeply saddened by the news, but determined more than ever to do what I can to raise awareness.