(October 25, 2008)

I’m feeling much better this morning. Living Room always does that for me. It’s healing.

Yesterday we talked about being in the company of Jesus and what that means. Is being in company with Jesus enough? Or do we need people around us to show us Jesus’ love in order to truly feel it? I’m not sure I got across what I really wanted to. Don’t know how the session went down with people.

When I asked for hands to see where people were mood wise, about half put up their hands for feeling down. I just hope that our discussion helped somehow. I hope it didn’t hinder.

One thing I tried to bring out was that what we need is not just the receiving of love. Just as much we need to give love – to share God’s love with others. In that giving we receive as well. We are blessed when we give. Did I get that across? I hope so.

When we live with love and compassion in our hearts, God is in that. We are then walking with God. We are in the company of Jesus. I do believe Jesus was with us yesterday, sitting at the table with us, in company with us, helping us with our discussion.

There are so many ways to cope with depression. But although showing our love to each other must be one of the greatest, I seldom see that in lists of coping skills. Why not?

In the sharing time we had the opportunity to share God’s love with each other – to listen to each other with compassion – to show we cared. This is what filled me with the peace I went home with. It’s this that helped me wake up feeling better today. I feel blessed. God was with us.

I hope the others went home feeling similarly blessed.