I have just released two illustrated books of “Highs and Lows” devotionals on the topics of HOPE and our INNER CHILD. They are available from me for $15, as long as I don’t have to mail them. You can also get them from Amazon and through bookstores at a higher price. I hope you will check them out. Please do check out the links below to see what they’re all about.

As I thought back to the stories I wrote in the book about hope, I can see how the great love of Jesus healed the hurting people He touched. When I think of the prostitute whose tears fell on Jesus’ feet as He reclined at dinner, I can very much understand that. She did not have a physical ailment. What she needed healing for was her starvation for love.

Many of us must experience such a need for love.  We can see how Jesus’ love healed people – throughout His life. His love can still heal today.

May we personally feel that Love today.