Justice for All  is now published!!

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Here’s what people have said:

Today we live in a world which often speaks of human rights. In this book Bergen takes what is often an abstract concept and gives it life. Based on the biographies of eleven individuals, from the nineteenth to the twenty-first century, Bergen introduces these varied justice advocates and shows how each one had the courage to face injustices in their world. As the twelfth individual Bergen turns to the life of Jesus and shows how his life was one of speaking out against the injustices in his society. Given the breadth of stories told in this book the reader will both be challenged and encouraged to consider their own call to name and face the injustices of their time. Written in an informal style, this book is well-worth reading slowly and reflectively a chapter at a time. – Ted Goshulak

I am a big fan of Marja’s writing and her ability to show us how God is a continual presence and support throughout our lives, regardless of where we might be at in our personal journey.  Her most recent book, Justice for All is an educational read that will not only lift you up, but you will also be inspired to be an encouragement to others and to take a deeper look at what God’s purpose might be for your own life.  Marja has made the stories of these great men and women relatable to our own lives and challenges.  She shows us how to overcome injustice in the world and truly make a difference.  Your life will be enriched through the pages of this book. – Karen Foss

In Justice for All, readers will find a well-crafted, readable account of the lives of some of the most famous groundbreakers in the history of social justice and how they left their mark on the world they lived in as well as on the world yet to come. Marja Bergen has used the stories of these famous leaders to show how it is possible to overcome some of the worst that an unjust world can impose, through determination, resilience, and the love that is the bedrock of Christian values. Justice for All will appeal to readers of all ages, and especially youth, who are seeking guidance and inspiration in their own quest to overcome the challenges life in a complicated, and often unfair, world presents. – Joyce Gram

Justice for All is a book I would highly recommend to anyone. It’s an interesting look at significant history, with inspiration throughout, and written in an easy to read manner. I found the Introduction particularly well done. – Wayne Murdoch