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Is God enough? – comment (2019)

In my previous post, I wrestled with the problem I often came up against. I wrote:

“In this struggle of depression I’ve also struggled with a need for support, a feeling bad about burdening my friends with my sadness. I need my friends at times like this, yet something someone said in a comment on my last post particularly made me feel that perhaps I should not be bothering them. And the question I repeatedly find myself asking is: Shouldn’t God be enough for me?”

You might remember a few posts ago when I wasn’t given an opportunity to speak to the topic: “We only need God; we don’t need people.”

Years ago – in 2008 – when I was still facilitator of the group, I did receive a pastoral explanation: “And when we are with [depressed people] in Jesus’ name and with his love and compassion we also become the presence of God to them.”

That had always been my point of view too, but in 2015 I was ignored when I wanted to discuss it – treated as though I no longer existed. It hurt badly.

Many situations like this developed until I was experiencing so much pain I had to leave the church – the spiritual home I had loved and where I had learned so much. The birthplace of my Living Room ministry and the place from which I spent many hours raising awareness in the church. The church where I had at one time received the greatest support and the most godly love I had ever known. This is where I came to know God in a deeper way that ever before.

Where did it all go?

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  1. No, “Is God enough?”, will never be enough, unless you know the truth about God. All humans are searching for truth, knowingly and also unknowingly. And you will never be happy unless you find out whether God is real or not, exists or not. If for some reasons, you think God is real, you will encounter a situation in your life when you will doubt it. The same thing will happen if you think God is false. Thus you must spend your life to find the truth about God, to become happy. Note that true and false are not the only two options. Between 0 and 1 there are millions of points, in mathematics. Take a look at the first chapter on truth in the free book at theoryofsouls dot wordpress dot com

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