(March 29, 2008)

Amazingly we had a big snow storm here in the Vancouver area. Huge snow flakes falling thick and fast…and we’re almost into April! With all that snow I expected we would get a smaller turnout to Living Room than usual. It was sticking to the grass and to the trees, but fortunately the roads remained bare. Yet I made only 30 cups of coffee this time instead of the usual 36. That was not a good decision because we ended up with a record turnout of 22 people. They just kept coming. We had to make the table bigger to accommodate everyone and, even then, we were packed together pretty cozily. (We push 5 very long tables together to make one huge one, so we can all sit together.)

We ran out of coffee, we ran out of hot water, we ran out of cold water, and we ran out of meat and veggies. Yet there was plenty other stuff left to eat and I don’t think anyone went hungry. Wonderful Cob’s buns and Cob’s apricot bread. Tilamook cheese, fudge brownies, and lots of other stuff. Such fun to get these lunches together!

After introducing the “waiting” topic (see my last post) and after everyone thinking about it for a while, making notes on their paper, we opened it up for discussion. One member eagerly shared what she was waiting for and amazed us with her story. Although everything we discuss is confidential, I’m not mentioning any names here. You have no idea who this person is, so I think it will be alright to share this with you:

Her family has been renting the same house for fourteen years, their kind landlord never raising the rent during that time. Now he’s selling the house and they may have to move to more expensive accommodation, which they can’t afford, or to a much smaller place which would be cramped for them. But this person’s take on it was this, and I’ll try to remember what she said:

“I’m excited, looking forward to see what God has in store for us. We may have to move to a two-bedroom apartment or something, but if we do we’ll get triple high bunkbeds or something. But I know everything will work out. I trust what God will do for us, He’s always come through in the past. God is good. It will all work out.”

This person’s faith and trust in God was something to behold. I felt as though we didn’t need to go any further with the discussion. But we did, and many people joined in, something I was very happy about. I think we all managed to encourage each other very well. What we realized was that the important thing when we wait is to keep praying and to partner with God in bringing about a good end to the wait. We don’t just wait for God to do for us. By praying we are encouraged to have the right attitudes and the courage to live our lives in such a way that we can wait with patience and trust.

There was a happy, joyful atmosphere through the whole meeting. Lots of laughter. Lots of support for each other. Living Room is a wonderful thing. I’m so grateful for it.