View Healing the Effects of Stigma by Marja Bergen


Introducing a booklet that will show you how.

This 48-page book follows upon the recent publication of my book, In the Name of Jesus: Spiritual Support for Mental Health Challenges, which shows the pain and suffering of those who have been stigmatized because of their mental health challenges.

It shows how Christians can be true followers of Christ by treating such people in the way Jesus treated the stigmatized during the time he lived—those the world wanted nothing to do with. (The lepers, the blind, the outcasts)

The book includes clear suggestions of how friends, and all who care, can, through Jesus, help the sick, the lonely, and disabled—the many in our day who have not been able to live a full and meaningful life because of stigma. Christians who are affected by stigma can—with their friends’ help—learn to start living with the knowledge that they truly do have a God who loves them and values them.

May God’s presence be felt by all who serve him in this way.

Healing the Effects of Stigma: In the Name of Jesus, can be pre-ordered today from Amazon.