David and Goliath | Children's Bible Lessons

We probably wouldn’t be normal if we didn’t get angry once in a while. We flare up when someone says something hurtful to us or about us. When they hurt us physically or psychologically. We get angry when we’re lied about or taken advantage of. We get angry when we’re treated disrespectfully, as though we have no worth.

If we do what we can to control ourselves, the anger gradually dissipates and we carry on with life.

But there is another kind of anger, one that isn’t concerning ourselves, one might not disappear so easily. This is the kind of anger that we experience when we see wrongs being done in our world and in our community. We get frustrated, knowing such wrongs should not be and we wish someone would do something to bring justice to the situation.

…Have you ever wondered if that “someone” could be you? Might you even think that “someone” should be you?

King said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

What matters to you? Are you silent about it? …Or do you feel moved to do something, or say something, or write something? I believe you’d probably end up with more peace if you did something rather than sitting around fuming.

Would you have the courage to step out and make something positive happen?

One of my favourite stories is the one about the young David in chapter 17 of 1 Samuel. David got angry when Goliath, the huge Philistine champion came out saying, “Choose a man and have him come down to me.  If he is able to fight and kill me, we will become your subjects; but if I overcome him and kill him, you will become our subjects and serve us.” (vs 8b,9)

David’s response? The Lord who rescued me from the paw of the lion and the paw of the bear will rescue me from the hand of this Philistine.” (vs 37)

Motivated by anger, and with his trust in God, David was blessed with the courage to defeat Goliath. He was not afraid.

Have you ever thought you might have a bit of a David in you? A David who could inspire you to have the courage to fight an injustice that has been bothering you?

Perhaps God is telling you something.

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