So God created mankind in his own image,
in the image of God he created them;
male and female he created them.

 Genesis 1:27

I’m a creative person and it’s mysterious to me how ideas and inspiration come. I’m often in awe of what God has helped me produce. Not that I’m such a wonderful artist. I feel very little has to do with my own efforts. Yes, I put forth the time and energy, but I know the actual creativity – the talent and ability – come to me from God.

Seemingly out of nowhere ideas come to me. I know such good thoughts could not come from me alone. The inspiration was planted within me by God. Spoken into me by the Holy Spirit. I simply cannot take the credit for such a good idea.

One project from the past was putting together a recipe book. That project benefited me so much! I started enjoying cooking again. I included photos, another creative activity I love. The entire creative process was fun. It provided me with gifts for friends. And my husband was happy because I was encouraged to cook again.

My photography is another activity that has provided me with great joy. How the Holy Spirit comes alive within me as I capture candid photographs of children! The process is exciting, captivating and satisfying. Even photographing skies with abstract cloud patterns thrills me.

God gives every one of us creative gifts, all especially designed for us. He has made us in His image, and – being the greatest Creator of all – creativity is part of what He passes on to us. Creative gifts include more than arts such as painting, music and photography. There are many different kinds of creative pursuits: planning a party, decorating a home and cooking dinner can all give you the joy of making something wonderful happen.

Be thankful for the creative gifts God gives you. Use them and develop them. Life truly becomes more meaningful when you use your gifts to serve God and others. Thank God for the gifts He has given you. Use them to bring enjoyment to all aspects of your life.

What creative gifts did God give you? Are you using them?