(August 25, 2008)

Yesterday morning I had a great two hour quiet time, journaling, writing yesterday’s post, and emailing a friend. Prayer was a big part of it. By the end of that time I felt quite a bit better.

One blogging friend listed several things I needed to do to help me through this busy time. Yesterday afternoon I did some of that. After church I came home and – with the help of some books I have on how to promote your book – I made a list of the things I need to prepare to send out to the press. Then I sat down and wrote a press release, the most difficult part of it. I was happy with how it turned out. Also started on some other things. Now I feel that although I’m still busy I have things in control. And having control is the most important thing, isn’t it?

I do love working on publicity for things I believe in. Have done a lot of it over the years, even selling 4000 copies of a little book I put together, The Camper’s Cookbook. So I think I’d like to keep control over the promotion of A Firm Place. There are so many angles from which I can talk about it. It’s news, actually.

Last week there was a series in the Vancouver Sun about the stigma towards mental illness. I was able to pick up on that and talk about the stigma that some Christians still harbour…and considering they are trying to follow Christ who modelled unconditional love! I tried to focus on the tragedy of that and the damage that causes to people who believe in God but are driven away from the church because they feel judged there. A Firm Place to Stand can prompt discussion on a lot of important issues.

My friend also suggested a press release emailing service. I looked this up and found a company I’d like to use. My husband won’t be happy with yet another expense, but I think this is important. I very much need to get the word out. Still not totally decided, but it’s looking like I’ll do that. (Just hope I don’t have a divorce over it.:)

Another point she made was that I should get some help with Living Room. Actually, I’m happy – and proud – to say that I get lots of help. The members have truly taken ownership and, though I lead it, I’m not alone in the work at all. I have people helping with the food and the phoning. And at the last meeting one of our members had her debut leading the devotional and discussion. I was thrilled with the job she did. Perhaps she’ll one day lead a new Living Room somewhere?

Now it’s time for a shower; time to get a new day started. Hope you all have a good one.