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Awareness is growing

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  249  (September 10, 2009) Hey! This is post number 400! Think I should do something special to celebrate? Maybe go out for dinner? Have a bottle of bubbly? Maybe I should just write a good, hopeful post. I had a one hour interview yesterday with a writer from a major Christian newspaper. […]


Comment on publicity & stigma (2019)

In commenting on the previous post, I can only say that today – in 2019 – I had forgotten how well the media had picked up on the need for awareness. I had forgotten so much since those early days. So gratifying to see how they were listening. I’m grateful that God gave me the […]


More publicity

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  185 (August 28, 2008) This was a good day. I’ve been dealing a bit with the stress of the work I need to do promoting A Firm Place to Stand. Knowing that I need to get the publicity within the first three months means there’s a fair amount of pressure on me […]


Getting on track

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  184  (August 25, 2008) Yesterday morning I had a great two hour quiet time, journaling, writing yesterday’s post, and emailing a friend. Prayer was a big part of it. By the end of that time I felt quite a bit better. One blogging friend listed several things I needed to do to […]


Overwhelmed – I’m only one person!

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  183  (August 24, 2008) I’m healthy, but – I think quite understandably – feeling overwhelmed about all the things I have on my plate. I feel as though I’m trying to live the lives of half a dozen people, all at one time. And I don’t know how I’m going to manage […]


Living room’s holy joy

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  61  (April 14, 2007) Yesterday we had a meeting of our Living Room group. And once more, as always, I had a wonderful feeling after – a quietly joyful feeling (I call it “holy joy”). And that feeling is still somewhat with me, though of course, gradually fading. But I’m happy and […]


I hit the front page!

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  48  (February 23, 2007) This morning I couldn’t believe it when I opened the paper I saw that my photo ended up on the front page – big! Inside are two full pages with information about depression…and another photo of me – rather unflattering, but I guess a good description of what […]


Roller coaster excitement

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  46   (February 21, 2007) Yesterday was another great day. The Vancouver Sun photographer came to take my picture. To my surprise, he wanted more than a head and shoulder shot. He decided to take me to the roller coaster nearby and photographed me at the base of it. For a while I […]


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