I received the following message from someone today with a need to share where she’s at. She sends prayers to all who find life difficult in some ways:


Hi Marja

So much of what bothers us can be hidden by pretending to be okay, and as your posts indicate, people do not want to associate with people who tend toward depression or like conditions. Thanks for speaking honestly about it in your blog.

I know when I am feeling down, discouraged about my daughter, not able to help, and/or my own failure to get my act together, or whatever, it is difficult to believe that anyone cares. Maybe one of these years I might believe that God or Jesus cares, but now I don’t know how that works.

It’s kind of like when someone sends me a computer file with important information, but the old machine can’t open it because of technological change, or not knowing the right path to it. That happened twice today, that my computer couldn’t open the kinds of files people were sending me, helpful stuff, not junk mail.

I feel as though I’m missing some important software for opening to belief in love, either Divine or human.