In the previous post I wrote: “Eradicating stigma is a fight, but as Christians we need to use love as our weapon of choice, not attacking with cutting words that will hurt. Even when people hurt us, we should try not to hurt back.”

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to hold to what I said in the above. I was for a time mistreated in a way that would be unimaginable for others to understand. To have an otherwise well-thought-of Christian do this, causing great suffering, is inexcusable. I don’t believe I would have been treated this way if I did not have a mental illness.

As I looked for ways to recover, I tried many times to be a good Christian, trying to love my enemy, trying to forgive and bring back peace between us. This person wasn’t interested. And so, as I suffered from the repercussions, I often broke and returned hurt for hurt. Simply could not help it. Though wrongs were clearly committed and documented, he would not admit responsibility. He did not show remorse or accept forgiveness.

How could I possibly feel peace and love towards a person like this? My life changed and will never be the same.

When comparing this comment with my original writing in the post before this, one can see how I’m no longer the same person I once was.