Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.

Praise the Lord.

Psalm 150


It’s not spring. Not yet. But amid these grey days, I’d like to bring back a memory that often returns to me. I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

Some time ago I passed a bed of springtime flowers, a beautiful splash of colour to behold after a long grey winter. I stopped to drink in the sight and couldn’t help but thank God for it. As I did so my heart did something it seldom does. It danced inside me. That’s truly what it felt like.

One day I read the little verse above and found my imagination take off. Let everything praise God. Every living thing! I remembered the bed of flowers that had made my heart dance. And I thought to myself: What if the flowers I admired were praising God as well, thankful for the pleasure to exist, for their colour and for the joy of waving in the breeze. If flowers had hearts, perhaps they might be grateful that they’re loved by the gardeners who grew them and by all who come to enjoy them.

What if flowers were to sing praises in the way we humans sing praises? What would we hear? What would we sound like if we all, together with those beautiful blooms, were to raise our voices to heaven, thanking our great Creator who gave us life?

Can you imagine?