Do you remember the story from the  person in Wichita, KS? Here are some more of her thoughts:

“My surroundings have left me feeling like there is no hope, because no one wants to help. Not someone like me. Not someone with questionable actions in their past.”

“I read The Art of Asking by my favorite artist Amanda Palmer, and it was absolutely wonderful. That book made me see that there are good people in the world. That some people really are willing and even eager to help, and that makes me smile every damn time. I need frequent reminders of this, because if I don’t it feels like I will lose faith in humanity completely, and that will shatter every belief I have ever held dear. I want there to be love in the world. I want to know that humanity can be beautiful. I want to know that honesty and loyalty exist. I need them to… but as an outcast to society, I don’t see it. My belief in it is fading.”

If you had a friend like this, struggling with BPD, what could you do to help her experience the goodness she craves? If you’re a follower of Christ you will have a good example in him. The Bible teaches us to love others in the way we’re loved by God.

Forgive them their flaws, realizing that you have flaws of your own, even though they might not be as obvious. Talk with your friend, listen to them, discover the good that is sure to be under their exterior.

Can you be a person who is “willing and even eager to help?” Can you show them that there are good people in the world?