(October 1, 2009)

There’s something else I learned from the suicide loss group that I want to share. In fact, I feel like broadcasting it everywhere.

I don’t think any of us realize just how much we’re loved. And especially not when we’re depressed and our perspective is off. Even when we’re told we are loved, we tend not to believe it. We can’t take it in.

And yet the love I saw expressed by those 24 people gathered to talk about the children, spouses and parents they lost showed me how much the people who took their life were deeply loved. The people who died might not even have realized it. What a tragedy!

And it makes me think of the people at the meeting. They probably didn’t even realize how very deeply they loved. They didn’t realize how much pain they could suffer.

I think we love our family and friends far more deeply than we realize. When we’re so busy with our lives and there are so many activities and “stuff” to distract us from remembering our appreciation for each other we perhaps start taking each other for granted. We forget to let each other know how much we love them. And we so need to do that.

Let us love God and one another – God’s greatest commandment, and for good reason.