(June 6, 2008)

Life can get a bit too exciting at times. I just hope I keep everything together. I hope I stay cool, calm, collected,…and stable.

Yesterday I found out that I had received a Fellowship of Christian Newspaper award, an organization that represents about forty regional Christian newspapers in the US and Canada. I placed second in the First Person Article category for a testimony I had published in BC Christian News last year. Wow! I feel honored. This article, No Longer Alone was also on

I had a look over my past few posts and was horrified to discover how much I’ve been repeating myself, especially on my favorite topic, “Love.” I’m sorry and I hope I’m not boring you too much. Does this have something to do with getting older?

I have now finished reading Blue Like Jazz, so won’t draw thoughts from that book anymore. I’m now on to my next book by another revolutionary Christian, Brian McLaren. The book is Everything Must Change. Sounds pretty radical, doesn’t it? Love it. It’s a difficult book and a lot of it’s beyond me. But the things I have understood appeal to me, so I will plow on and gather what I can.