(December 1, 2007)

This morning, over my wonderful first cups of coffee of the day, I thought of how I would like to invite all my friends who believe in Jesus but aren’t presently going to church – to think about attending church this advent season.

There’s so much stuff connected to Christmas now-a-days that really doesn’t have anything to do with the coming of our Lord. So much tends to drag us down instead of lifting us up: the pressures of buying gifts, the pressures to live up to traditions that might actually bring painful memories. If we could only reduce some of these pressures and remember what this season is truly about!

At church over the next few weeks I hope to be reminded why Jesus came to live among us. I want to be reminded of how he came to give us abundant life – how he showed us what God’s love is really like. When Jesus walked the earth he performed miracles and he still does. Believing in Jesus and following his example has the power to transform lives. We can find meaning. We can find healing. I know this is what happened for me. I have been transformed and that is a miracle.

True Christmas is far removed from the glitter, the noise and the materialism attacking us right now. True Christmas should bring a sense of peace and well-being. So please go worship this season and celebrate what Christmas truly is – a story of love and grace.