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Comfort when rejected

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  282 (July 11, 2010) Crazy how you can make a little thing into something so big that it threatens to take you down into depression. The feeling of rejection I talked about a few posts ago caused recurring pain. I think because I was focusing on it so much instead of forgetting […]


Comment on love’s comfort (2019)

Looking at the post below, I can clearly see how very much I came to miss that kind of love when it was later withdrawn. I can see how very cruel it was. It was no wonder I was badly affected emotionally. What turned that amazing love I received – the love in which I […]


Love’s comfort

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  205  (November 15, 2008) “The Lord your God is with you,…he will quiet you with his love.” Zephaniah 3:17 Knowing that God loves us and that others love us is so important, and when we’re depressed it becomes even more important. Love comforts us and heals us. I can so identify with […]


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