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My great shame

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  268 (March 11, 2010) I’ve come to a place where I haven’t been before, at least I don’t recollect having been here before. I hate having this disorder and lacking the control I would like to have over my feelings and subsequent behaviour. Last week I was hard on a person, blaming […]


God in living room; God in me (2019)

As I’ve said before, telling my Living Room story is certainly helping me reclaim the life I had lost. It’s amazing how God can help things happen. I’m becoming healthier emotionally, though I could use a lot better physical health. Today, with memories of what Living Room once was to me are coming back after […]


Submitting to God

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  267  (March 3, 2010) I’ve been going through a lot of ups and downs, mostly brought about through plans I had for Living Room that I just haven’t been able to bring about. Things standing in my way, though that’s probably a good thing too. Maybe the timing was not as God […]


Do you want a cure or healing?

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  266  (February 10, 2010) At Living Room on Friday we’re going to discuss the difference between cure and healing. Jesus asked the blind Bartimeus, “What do you want?” “I want my sight,” Bartimeus said to Him. And Jesus healed him. There are so many stories like this in the Bible. On Friday […]


Living room passion (2019)

In the last post I wrote “I’m committed to seeing more Living Room groups spring up. I want to see many Living Rooms to serve people who need faith-based support. I want to see this movement securely in place to continue long after I’m gone. Because it’s a valuable ministry, a ministry that all Christians […]


A big responsibility

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  264 (January 17, 2010) I’m finding it increasingly difficult to post – increasingly difficult to be absolutely honest about the stuff I’m dealing with. Instead, I journal and email my closest friends. Thing is, when you’re in leadership and when you’re trying to be there for people, you just don’t want everyone […]


What is God’s will?

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  263  (January 4, 2010) Our pastor’s sermon yesterday was on a topic I find an important and interesting one to think about. It’s a topic I see many people struggling with, including people in my Living Room group. How do we know what God’s will is? How do we know what God […]


Why do we live? (2019)

Many years ago, when I was in a very bad spot, I told my pastor – in all honesty – that I could not remember why I lived.  Sometime later he came back with this reply (or something like it): “You live so that you can give others a reason to live.” What a blessing […]


A reason for living

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  262  I’ve been thinking: I feel my best when I’m doing things for other people. When I’m living for something more than just myself. When I’m feeding into other people’s lives. And isn’t that the answer for all of us who have trouble finding a reason to live? Isn’t that the best […]


Returning to joy (2019)

  In Return to God, Return to Joy which I posted on February 10, 2019, I realized that I badly need to change direction in my blogging. I want to write about what’s in God’s heart, not my heart. I want forgiveness to be the theme, not conflict. I want to return to love and […]

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