Very sad, but very true. Too many, even those close to her, question the truth of her story. And I wonder, how can a hurting person possibly convince others when wrongdoings have taken place behind closed doors?

How can a person with mental health issues possibly defend herself against a powerful leader – a leader thought to be godly. Whose words are going to be believed?

Why is she not believed – despite her previously spotless reputation of serving God. Known to have loved and cared for many.

Despite the years of suffering she hasn’t strayed from God. She never stopped  writing words of encouragement to those who struggle with mental ill health.

If not emotional abuse, where might the trauma she suffered have come from? This trauma has beyond doubt affected her severely and necessitated counseling that is still ongoing. The suffering that resulted is evident to all who know her. Such suffering could not have been manufactured from thin air.

If not ongoing emotional abuse, what else could possibly have turned this person’s life upside down? Why was she left with illness that had previously not been there? What else could possibly have happened?