But blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear.

Matthew 13:16


I’ve been told I’m too sensitive – that it causes pain I shouldn’t have. Pain from feelings of rejection – whether real or perceived. I’m told it’s an illness – a bad one.

But although some of the pain in the past has been unbearable, all in all – when my life is running normally – my sensitivity has not been such a bad thing. Hurt feelings come more often than I’d like, but there are many good things about being a sensitive person too. I think for some of us more good can come out of sensitivity than bad, especially when we stay close to God.

While the word, sensitivity, is not specifically used in Scripture, it does speak to us of a closeness of relationship, a willingness to “not miss a word” that God speaks to us. May we all work to build a more intimate relationship with God by being sensitive to who he is for us, what he shows us and by doing his will when he reveals it to us.

Have you ever watched the sky and admired the huge variety of clouds that come and go? And have you ever truly studied flowers, examining every little grouping of blossoms – enjoying them to the fullest? Have you watched how the sun’s rays affect how they look? Awareness like this shows you have sensitivity and an appreciation for what God gives us.

Yesterday I started a writing project. The idea came during my quiet time, in a way that could only be from God.  Almost immediately my mind and heart filled with ideas and words. I felt the excitement – the enthusiasm. It’s great when God reveals something to work on.

These are some of the results of sensitivity – enjoyment of nature and working on a craft or art form.

And – shall I tell you? Or is this a bit too personal? This morning I was thinking about what God had called me to do and I felt his presence in a big way. I told him how I want to keep him close as I write. As I said that, I felt a warmth, coming as if from the flames of a fireplace on a winter night.

What a delight it is to join God in his work!

We who are overly sensitive often feel things more deeply – sometimes more painfully than most. But does that mean that it’s always bad? We have the blessings of getting excited and enthused when God asks us to do work that can make use of what we love to do. For many of us sensitivity is a source of joy. With God, the good will overcome the bad.

I hope you too will find excitement, happiness and colour inside you – riches that came from God and that you can now give back to him for his work in the world.



(PS: Marja has a diagnosis of features of borderline personality disorder (BPD). But God has blessed her. She thinks that her strong feelings – though sometimes causing severe pain – have done more good than bad.)