journaling-for-emailDear readers: You must wonder about the Day by Day comments I sometimes post – the true, sometimes negative, experiences of one dealing with illnesses like mine. What do they have to do with the positive nature of the Devotionals? Is it the same person writing?

Yes, they are both written by me. The Devotionals and Day by Day posts are somewhat connected.

The Day by Day posts and the pain they sometimes describe are not endings in themselves. Eventually I try, as much as I can, to turn to Jesus with that pain – often through the writing of Devotionals. As I write, I enter into Jesus’ world and the world of the people He touched. In doing so I draw closer to Jesus and find a measure of healing. It’s quite an amazing thing how that happens and I am grateful for how God helps me with the writing and the joy I find in it.

I hope and pray that my Devotionals will encourage you, too, to turn to Jesus when you’re dealing with the tough stuff of life. He’s not far away.