(December 12, 2008)

In spite of the snow that kept a lot of people from attending our party, we had sixteen people. It was a wonderful, intimate time. Good food and good visiting. We finished all of Janice’s turkey and almost all the stuffing. It was so good. One of our new members told her story about how her relationship with God started and how good He has been to her, in spite of her depression and MS. We sang all the six Christmas carols I had photocopied – really got into it, in spite of not having a piano to accompany us. Such a great time!

My motivation is pretty good right now, though I’m still struggling with depression symptoms. Negative thinking was a serious problem last night and then I woke up with it as well. That led to some truly depressed feelings. But through an email to my friend, I managed to talk – to reason – my way out of it.

I guess everyone has things they could be sad and negative about. Thing is, you don’t need to dwell on it. I’ve learned that doing instead of thinking builds positive feelings. And thinking of how you can build into other people’s lives takes the focus away from yourself. You then have a purpose that you can live for. And that’s where true joy comes from. At least that’s the way it is for me most of the time. In the email to my friend I sorted through these things, reminding myself of what I’ve know for so long. But how easily you can forget, eh?

Today’s Christmas party was a good place for me to get out of my negative thinking. I love my friends there and it was just very good to be together. To do instead of think.