In the previous post I wrote, “If a picture expresses something real, something we go through occasionally, then it’s just as important to photograph as perfection. I believe in the candid, the authentic, truth. I want real.”

If you’re familiar with both my writing and photography you’ll know how serious I am about this. When I photograph a bouquet I don’t throw it away until it’s truly dead, with no form or colour left in it. I love capturing flowers in all their stages. Its often the dried and tired blooms that are most expressive of things we ourselves might be going through. My writing is similar in that I want to express what’s real. I want honesty. I don’t hold much back.

I’m including some flower pictures here. Getting kind of tired of the photo of the tulip, and maybe you are too. These pictures show pain and sadness. Maybe something you are experiencing today? If you can identify with the feelings the pictures express, chances are that you’ll find them appealing. They show what’s in your heart.

You’d be amazed at where you’ll find the beauty of God’s creation. It may be in the very things you thought no longer had value.