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Finding wellness through story (2019)

I decided in November that I needed to tell the story of my life with Living Room: The joyful times, as well as the painful times Part of the reason for telling my story was to reclaim the life I had lost. I wanted reminders that I had lived a good life, though things had […]


Befriending your sickness

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  70  (May 22, 2007) I’ve almost finished reading a great book by Mark Buchanan called The Rest of God: Restoring Your Soul by Restoring Sabbath. Something he said hit me hard and made me look at something I’ve never considered before. He said, “It’s the most natural thing to befriend your sickness, […]


A balanced life

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  23  (November 1, 2006) I think I’ve now stabilized and won’t have to push forward the doctor’s appointment I have in a couple of weeks. I feel good when I can go through a busy time – a bit of a destabilizing time – and yet stay on top – even though […]


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