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Remembering joy

Ever remember feeling like this? With the eagerness of a child witnessing the world around you? Have a good – a really good – look. . . on what’s growing on the earth below your feet. . . at what’s happening in the skies above you. Remember how it was? I experienced a taste of […]


Hanging onto thankfulness

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  214  (December 27, 2008) Regrets and shame have brought me down lately. I’m good one day, and then something triggers me to turn to those negative emotions and thoughts and I go deeply dark. But, if I were able to get things into better perspective, the way I should and the way […]


Closer to God through thankfulness

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  104  (October 13, 2007) The ladies’ group I attend is examining prayer. We want to learn how to pray better. I know there’s no right or wrong way to pray – after all, it’s only talking to God. Being yourself with him is the most important thing. But I do have trouble, […]


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