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Not a good day

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  12  (September 25, 2006) This has NOT been a good day. The only good thing is that it’s almost over and I can start again tomorrow, hopefully in a more positive vein. Yesterday someone I’ve been giving support to hurt himself quite badly. It was a shock. I’ve never been so close […]


How can it be?

  How could this have happened to me? For twenty years I worked hard to better the lives of people with mental health issues. Although I myself suffered from bipolar I accomplished much. Life was hard, but good. And then, a couple of years ago I came down with the worst and most misunderstood mental […]


Living with borderline: the problem of stigma

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is not adequately described by the label it commonly goes by. A more accurate description would be emotional dysregulation. BPD has nine features. Some of us have all of them; others, like me, have only some. For more information about the disorder, google BPD. But don’t allow what you read there […]

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