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The right to speak

When I raised mental health awareness in the church from 2006 on, I spoke as a person living with mental health issues. It made a difference. People heard me. But today, people with such issues have no voice – are not given opportunities to be heard. Why not? Do they really think we don’t know […]


Stories of pain

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  251  (September 28, 2009) I gave the talk to the suicide loss group last night. And they shared their stories of pain at losing someone close to suicide. It was an emotionally charged time of three hours sitting in a circle – 20 to 24 or us. So many tears and I […]


Speaking to suicide survivors

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  250  (September 21, 2009) I have something coming up at the end of this week that is not going to be the most straight forward challenge to tackle. I’ve been invited to speak to a group of around twenty people who have lost a loved one to suicide. They’d like to hear […]


Not myself

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  33  (December 11, 2006) I almost hate to post this. Worried someone from life in my touchable world will read and consider me unreliable. Before anyone knows, I would really like a chance to pull out of this state of irritability and this being so close to tears all the time. It […]


I speak to the congregation

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  9  (Monday, September 18, 2006) A few days ago my pastor invited me to talk at church about my support group. He wanted me to tell the congregation why I had decided to form the group. This would lead into his sermon on building authentic community. I don’t usually get too nervous […]



How frustrating to have things you need to explain and you can’t find the words. You’re just not able, mind not working clearly. The result? Misunderstanding. Too often, an undeserved bad reputation follows. You’re never forgiven. Always thought badly of.


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