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Belief in demons still rampant (pt 2) as written in 2007

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  85  (July 21, 2007) I guess I need to continue this discussion, though I’d rather leave it alone. Talking about these things upset me and are not good for my mood. I’d rather talk about positive things. The Bible says: “…whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, […]


Victory over the darkness (pt 2) as written in 2007

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  84  (July 18, 2007) I finished reading the book and still think it has serious problems and is dangerous for Christians to be reading, especially Christians who want to be supportive of those suffering from depression and other mental illnesses. Neil Anderson spiritualizes everything. In one place he talks about a woman […]


Belief in demons still rampant (pt. 1) (as written in 2007)

LIVING ROOM MEMORY  82  (July 16, 2007) A couple of years ago someone tried to help me by giving me Neil Anderson’s Victory Over the Darkness to read. Anderson is probably one of the most popular deliverance ministers today. Many Christians, including some from my own church, look up to him and listen to what […]


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