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Beauty, please?

Lord, I’m doing exactly what I know I shouldn’t. Thinking of the past. Writing about it. There’s so much that is wrong. So much that’s evil. Please help me forget, Lord. Please turn my mind and my heart to beauty. To love. These are the tulips I’ve been photographing. They’re still in the vase, but […]


May I share?

          I’ve been told to distract myself a bit from stresses. And – as usual – I find photography of flowers to be one of my favourite distractions. There’s the actual photography – using the many qualities of light that appear throughout the day. There’s the  various ways in which the […]


A creative kick start

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  276  (April 13, 2010) Amazing how a little creativity – a new project – colour – excitement – can kick start a more positive mood! In the midst of my verge of depression, I had an idea last week. No, it didn’t come from me exactly. It was truly planted there by […]


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