What keeps me so much a child, Lord?
with a child’s sensitivity
and loneliness inside.

Children love in ways that grown-ups don’t.

I remember special people who came into my life.
They had an aura of love around them,
a warmth and kindness I hungered for.
I held them in reverence;
they filled my need for security.

A child’s love is special.
It’s a love that hurts deeply,
crushed when a loved one is torn away.

Being a child has advantages:
an eagerness and freedom to create,
to make things happen.

With my camera I see with newborn eyes,
appreciating the beauty of every flower,
of every child’s face.
I feel God’s blessings.
It brings me joy.

With my child’s heart and mind I remember the child I was.

…And I am that child still.