(June 30, 2008)

The invitations to my July 19th book launch have gone out. I’m looking forward to hearing who all is going to come. I’ve invited a huge mix of people: mental health professionals, fellow writers, friends, relatives, neighbors, leaders from my church, and – of course – Living Room people. Some will be Christians and others not at all so.

One person I’ve invited is my old boss, a person who gave me a job when he knew I had a diagnosis of schizophrenia (a diagnosis that turned out to be wrong) and I was freshly discharged from the mental hospital. He trusted me with some of the most challenging projects, something I have always been grateful for. He did much to help rehabilitate me and build my self-esteem. I met with him about a year ago, for the first time in thirty years. Wanted him to read what I had written about him in my book. I hope he comes. He’s quite elderly now, but I would like to thank him in front of everyone.

Soon I will start planning what I will say and what I will read from the book. That will be a fun challenge. How can I best speak to this kind of a mixed group? What can I give them? How can I best interest them? What do they need to hear?

I emailed my pastor today, telling him what a big responsibility I found this to be. But half an hour later I emailed again with my realization that it’s not my responsibility. It’s God’s. It’s God’s work. He’s in control. All I need to do is to be myself and to be led by his Spirit.

I’m looking forward to planning the food. My two best friends have offered to co-ordinate that part of the day and my daughter-in-law will help. I feel so supported by them.

Tomorrow is Canada Day and our church is ready to give a big party for the community. This is the eighth year we’re doing it and hundreds of people come out for it. It’s a huge effort that everyone helps out with. Fortunately it sounds like the weather will be perfect – dry and not too hot.