The justice this book will talk about is the entitlement for everyone to have the same fundamental human rights—the right to equality and dignity, the freedom from all forms of discrimination.

There are many human rights movements active today. All people in our world deserve to be treated justly—regardless of race, colour, gender, disability, and economic status. There are efforts to make this a reality, but attention to equal rights for people with mental illness is sorely lacking. It’s time to wake up to this injustice. People don’t even notice their own prejudice. It’s accepted. Not given a second thought.

Because this issue is close to my heart, much of this book was written keeping readers with such challenges in mind. But there are many other kinds of problems and disabilities I’ll try to keep in mind as well. There are those who live in poverty, and victims of abuse, crime and other injustices. If you suffer from any of these, it is hoped you will find the thoughts expressed in this book helpful as you make your way through life.

You will be inspired by how the great historic individuals featured gave of themselves to overcome the injustices they saw in the world around them. As you read their stories you may see characteristics in their personality that may not be unlike your own. Look for aspects in their stories that you can relate to. Things that will spur you on—not to be great like they were—but to help you find ways to enrich your life.

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