(January 30, 2007)
Over the past several days I’ve had my nose to the proverbial grindstone, editing my book. The end of this big project is in sight, though there is still much work to do before it’s where I want it to be. This is SO exciting.

I’m amazed at how focused I’ve been and wonder now and then whether I might be getting a bit high on all this. Have had some pretty early mornings lately, waking up at 5am or even earlier. But last night was good. I was able to sleep to my normal 6:30.

Hypomania has been a mixed blessing that has come upon me frequently over the past couple of years. In fact, it was hypomania that first gave me the inspiration to write this book. I remember how, during those first few months, the ideas flooded in. Not wanting to lose any of my thoughts, I would stop whatever I was doing to write it all down. I wrote in darkened theaters, had to stop my car to write, took breaks in the middle of my workouts to write. I often woke in the middle of the night, ideas tumbling out. I always had a pad of paper and pen handy.

So now, here I am, 26 months later and almost ready to look for a publisher. I pray I will find a good one. This book is important. It will be the best tool I have to help churches understand bipolar disorder. It will help them learn how they can support people with mental health issues.