Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.

Revelations 3:20


A few days ago, my therapist told me to tend to my relationship with Jesus. He’s a person who has in the past told me he’s not a Christian. And he’s the kind of counselor who seldom gives advice, preferring to let me figure things out for myself.

I read him my writings at every appointment, so he knows how important Jesus is to me. Yet for an unbelieving counselor to bring this up encouraged me.

I had been struggling for quite awhile, wanting to be closer to Jesus in the way I had been for so many years. I missed him. I wanted to feel his love for me and my love for him, the way it used to be.

Yes, Lord, I have forgotten to talk to you and to listen to you. I have forgotten that you were waiting for me to share my thoughts and my feelings with you. My plans as well–especially my plans. I forgot to write letters to you in my journal in the way I always did, not realizing just how important those letters were. It was through my letters to you that our relationship remained secure throughout my ups and downs.

But I got lost. Instead of writing to you, I wrote independently, as though you weren’t there.

Please, Lord Jesus, come to me again. And help me come to you. The two of us together, in fellowship. The way we were meant to be.


Dear readers, My prayer for you is that you too will find a closeness to Jesus that’s such a blessing. He wants to be your best friend and he longs to hear from you.


You’ll all know this wonderful hymn. Nearer My God to Thee. Why not listen?