The greatest joy I’ve ever experienced was during the nine years I led my Living Room support group for people living with mental health challenges. During that time, I also carried out the exciting work of pioneering mental health awareness in the church.

The world is a much different place now. And yet, it does me good to remember.

I most remember the joy I found in feeling Christ’s presence with me as I shared his love with hurting people—people who were hurting just like me.

Quoting from my book, The Living Room Story:

“How I love my Living Room group! Even those who seem the most unlovable become very lovable. And in a strange way, I come to love the seemingly unlovable even more than those who might seem easier to love. Does that make sense?”

It’s no wonder I hurt so deeply years after retiring..

I never felt closer to Jesus than when I sat at the table with the members of the group around me, talking about what Jesus meant to them.