(April 13, 2008)

The Living Room meeting on Friday was awesome once more. Another big turnout of 22 people and a great discussion on the topic: “No one is indispensable.”

Many members took part in the discussion. One person said that Jesus is the only one who is indispensable. The pastor said that it’s the act the person does that is indispensable, not the person himself. One man disagreed with that, saying he would not be where he is today without someone who helped him find God and turn his life around. He felt that no other person but that one could have done that. …and could another person have contributed what Einstein did?

In my own life, I know there would not have been a Living Room if it weren’t for a number of people who came into my life – people who showed me how great God’s love is – and a person who mentored me, encouraged me, and was just the kind of friend I needed. This friend is irreplaceable.