There’s a Bible verse that speaks about forgiveness: Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.” (1 Peter 4:8)

Today I was thinking about how very true that is. When we love a person deeply, we want to forgive her. We want to try and overlook the wrongs she might have done.

…And yet, later on, while spending quiet time alone, we might find the pain caused by that wrong-doing is still there. It does not go away so easily.

I recently got together with someone I had thought I had wronged. And I thought this person had wronged me. We wanted to try and make things right.

However, when I mentioned what I had experienced I was told I had misconstrued what was said and what was done. I quickly thought to myself, it must have been my BPD making me overly sensitive. Maybe things were not as they seemed. Maybe my BPD was at fault. I did not trust myself and took the blame onto myself and my illness…far too quickly.

Soon after I reflected on the get-together. I was hurting yet again, because I could not stop seeing the wrong done to me as truly having happened. There had been no kindness on my friend’s part.

But then I remembered what my Bible told me: “…love covers over a multitude of sins.” I thought about how I care about the person who I felt wronged by, and I know she cares about me too. We ended our meeting telling each other so. And when I thought about that love it became more important to me than anything wrong this person could do. I very much wanted to forgive. I wanted a healing of my heart and soul. I did not want to hang onto the pain. I wanted the freedom and joy of knowing that I love and am loved.

…and so I forgive.