A long time ago God showed me that something needed to be done to help people with mental illness receive Christ-centered support. I took steps to make it happen by founding Living Room, the faith-based peer support ministry. But I realized that I was – or at least, felt – far too small to build something as big and innovative as that. I was, after all, a person living with mental illness, and not very stable. How could I possibly?

But I learned that I didn’t have to worry. I learned that this was not to be my work at all. It was God’s work and I was only helping Him by being His mouth and His hands and His feet. What I do is not my doing but His. Realizing this gave me the courage and strength I needed to create a ministry that became highly regarded. I learned to trust God and served by helping Him with this and other work. I learned that with God, all things are possible.

For nine years, while Living Room groups were forming elsewhere, I led my own well attended group. How it blessed me! How good it felt to be able to share God’s love with those who came! But poor health forced me to retire from the group. I still grieve its loss and miss those I had to leave behind. This ministry had been a labour of love – a big part of my life. I had never been able to work at a real job, but in what I did with Living Room I found meaning.

Although Living Room is being cared for by others now, my God-given work continues in my writing. I write with the hopes that my devotionals will touch someone’s heart. Each time I pick up my pen I pray that God will bring His spirit to my work – informing my thoughts – guiding me – sharing His love – bringing joy to readers. The writing is His gift for me to bring to you. I’m thankful that God helps me serve in this way and pray for the courage and the strength to continue.