(June 4, 2008)

My emotional health has greatly improved from writing – writing in my journal, in emails to friends, in blogging, and in writing my books. My last book, A Firm Place to Stand, to be released in the next month, has especially strengthened me.

This made me think: If prayer is good for our health, and if writing is good for our health, how very good writing prayers would be for us. My journaling is often in the form of letters to God and I’ve found those letters very healing. If pouring out our emotions and our needs is a good thing, how much better a thing it would be to pour this out to our heavenly Father who loves us.

These journalled prayers are good to look back on as well. I’ve often gone back to read them and find out they’ve been answered. Not only is it therapeutic to write; it’s also therapeutic to go back and read what we’ve written.

Writing for ourselves is one thing, but it’s even better when we write for others. Sharing our feelings with others unburdens us, allowing other people – and God – to help us carry the pain.