(December 16, 2007)

With Mom’s unwellness to deal with, Christmas is more chaotic than usual. But I think I’m handling it okay. It’s just difficult to get around to – or to get in the frame of mind to – do the baking I’d like to do. But tonight I will try to make my shortbread cookies.

At times like this I am happy for Living Room. Living Room offers a retreat from the world, a place to be with other people, a place where I can be myself and I don’t have to pretend everything is fine when it isn’t. Even as a facilitator, I feel this. There is a lot of love in our group – many hugs shared around. Everyone truly cares about each other.

On Friday we had 18 present. I talked about how, during my 36 years of photography, I learned how the focal point of a picture – no matter how messy, busy, or chaotic it is – is always on that which has life. If there is a person in a busy picture with many elements, even if the person is quite small, that is where the eye settles. You’ll focus on the person.

If we were to look on Christmas as a picture, a busy, chaotic picture with many different elements – the card writing, the shopping, the decorating, the parties – there is one focal point where we can rest our eyes. This focal point is Jesus, the whole reason we are celebrating this holiday. If we can stay focused on him, we will be able to find peace. The busyness won’t bother us so much. In the midst of the chaos is the One who gives life. He is the light of the world. He is love.