(November 12, 2007)

I’ve been happy lately about how I’m able to control my anger, especially towards those who don’t understand mental illness. I wrote recently about how we have to be patient with and learn to be “understanding of those who don’t understand”. But sometimes my patience wears thin and I seethe. This morning is one of those times.

Once again I heard of a pastor telling a person with bipolar disorder that she doesn’t need her pills if she believes in God. That is SO irresponsible. Such advice could easily have tragic results. If such pastors only knew and understood what they are dealing with. They are dealing with a potentially fatal disease. It is estimated that between 15 and 20% of people suffering from bipolar disease will commit suicide. Up to 50% will attempt suicide.

For a Christian to tell another Christian not to take psychotropic medication is the same as a Jehovah’s witness telling someone not to have a blood transfusion. It’s backwards. God has provided for us in the form of medication. We should be grateful that they exist and accept them if they are helpful.

I have said this before: The brain is an organ of our body and, like any other organ of our body, can have something go wrong with it. We should be thankful that scientists have developed medications that can treat our diseases.

I follow Christ and am doing what I believe God wants me to do. My life is full and joyful. With God’s help I’m helping others who suffer from mental illness. Yet I would not have the life I have or be able to do these things if I were not taking medications. I’m on a mood stabilizer and two antipsychotics and they keep me stable. I need them, I trust them, and I thank God for them.