(February 20, 2009)

“Nothing is impossible with God.” (Luke 1:37) I truly believe that to be true in how Living Room has developed. My own Living Room group has become strong and there are at least eight other groups going right now – and maybe more. More are in the works. And this could never have happened if I hadn’t thought of it as God’s work – not Marja’s work. All I do is the footwork. All I do is pass along what God gives me to say. I put myself in His hands.

Often I felt so very small. How could I possibly do something as big as this? But I learned to trust that God is at work and all I had to do was follow. And how I have grown through it! I learned that nothing is impossible when we trust in God and let Him lead the way.

Today my mood is more even than the hypomanic mood I had the last couple of days. I’ve drawn back. Was even downright down for awhile last night and this morning. And this morning I’ve done nothing much but think. That’s not a good thing. Thinking without action is unhealthy for a bipolar.

It’s almost lunchtime. After lunch I will work on some photographs of a baby I took awhile ago. Focus on something creative.

A couple of years ago I gave up photography, choosing to put all the energy I had into mental health work. But recently I decided it would be healthy to start up again. I need a more balanced life. I need to do something creative. The gift I have of photographing young children is God-given. To abandon it would be a sin I think. So now I’m re-discovering the joy I always found in this work. Perhaps I will post one of the pictures next week, once I get permission from the mom and dad.

The sun is shining in spring-like fashion here in Vancouver. The birds were singing early this morning. God has given us a beautiful day.