It’s with great pleasure that I announce the release of 230 Reflections on Scripture. The writing of these devotionals began in 2013 and were emailed to individuals needing their hunger for God filled—those who needed help for their emotional needs and could not make it to meetings of the Living Room ministry. These writings have also been welcomed by those who want to support them.

In my experience of ministering to people with lived experience, I have found that the most important source of healing comes spiritually, through our relationship with Jesus Christ. It is this relationship that I’ve tried to foster.

Today I want to set these devotionals free. (Like a flock of doves maybe?) I won’t know where they’re going to land, but with you and God’s help, I’ll trust that they will find good homes.

You can download the collection free of charge from

I hope you will enjoy browsing, printing, and sharing. (Use them freely, but they should not in any way be sold.}

I pray that you will be blessed as you explore these messages of inspiration and comfort and that they will help you on life’s journey.