I wanted to help people gain confidence and overcome low self-esteem.

Here is how the back cover describes it:

“Would you like to live a more meaningful life? Perhaps you want to speak out against injustice or make a change in your own life, but lacked the courage to do so? Justice for all, recounts the inspirational achievements of twelve of history’s greats, all of whom overcame personal challenges and gave their lives to fighting the injustices of their times. People like William Wilberforce, who helped abolish slavery in Britain, Mahatma Gandhi. the Indian leader, who was shy about public speaking but became one of the most influential leaders of modern times, and Mother Teresa, who saw Christ’s suffering in the poor she ministered to. Author Marja Bergen encourages the reader to identify with what helped these leaders do what they did and to foster similar qualities in themselves, along with confidence in a God who tells them that they are of value to their community and their world. With a focus on modern Christians, Justice for All is for readers looking for big changes, both in their lives and society. We can all learn from these outstanding individuals who shaped our world from two thousand years ago to the present day.”