(August 23, 2007)

Those of you who have been coming to this site for a while will remember that I’ve been writing manuals to help people who want to set up a faith-based support group. Manual number one, which describes the Living Room support group concept, is pretty well ready to go to press. I “only” have to sort out some funding issues.

But things are looking good. In fact a Christian organization that supports people with disabilities and mental illness has expressed an interest in sending copies to a large number of pastors, with a letter promoting the idea. I am happy about this.

When you are doing work God truly wants you to do – with a positive and prayerful spirit – things do come together. And and what a joy it is to see that happen!

Manual number two, the facilitator’s guide, is also ready to go. I just haven’t decided yet how to produce it. The first manual will be an attractive booklet with a glossy cover (see above). We can afford that since we will probably need to print a lot to cover the order we will get from the organization I described above. The facilitator’s manual may end up in a report cover, but still with an attractive color cover.