When talking about those in need of our help, Mother Teresa is probably the best example of compassionate love and care for the suffering. We would do well to study her thoughts about feeding the hungry and helping those for whom life is feeling hopeless.

She did not wait for institutions to be established. If she found a starving child she would not make elaborate plans for its care. Instead, she would go at once to get milk for it by the shortest possible route. Frequently more long-term care would follow.

She realized that a working plan was needed. But for her, the wait for such a plan to take effect was too long. She would not allow the poor on her doorstep to die without the comfort and love they needed.

Isn’t it the same for those living with mental illness? In the way Mother Teresa would not let people suffer, neither should we allow those with mental illness to suffer while we’re taking our time learning about the ins and outs of their illnesses. The help should first go to the person in need.

Why allow people to suffer, while hundreds are being given courses and having study sessions. Why are supporters-to-be not given the tools to start caring for them? They need Christ’s love now, not when those who could be helping get around to finishing their studies.

Think of that when you see Canada’s largest church mental health organization offer no help to flesh and blood individuals needing Christ’s love and care.

Why so much emphasis on awareness but so little on actual help and support?