(November 29, 2006)

Aw crumbs!! I’ve been so revved up the past few days, I can’t stop working. I try to sit with a book and it works for a while, then I’m up, doing stuff again – all computer stuff. I’ve sent so many emails to my pastor that I feel downright embarrassed about it. He’s a nice guy and he’s with me in what I’m doing, but I don’t want to become a pain in the neck to him. I feel so driven!!

I’ve been stuck in the house since Sunday. The weather is too bad to venture out without a good reason. All my activities have been cancelled. And do I need exercise!!

My Sermon proposal went over very well. My high increased when I heard from various places that they were going to send it on. It’s being well broadcasted, including by NAMI. I’m so happy about that. For so long I’ve been feeling like the proverbial lone cry in the wilderness. But over the last couple of days that has changed. Now if I could only stop my scheming and my working!! I’ve been like a snowball rolling downhill, getting bigger and bigger and going faster and faster.

Just needed to unload this on you all, because I know you’ll understand.

I guess my next stop – sooner or later – will be a big breakup at the bottom of the hill. Just hope it won’t be at Christmas time.