It must have been God at work today. Of all things, the sermon was on Lamentations and the speaker spoke a lot about how much art, writings, etc. has come to us as the result of trauma in people’s lives. I can totally understand why that is.

If you’ve been reading here you will know how much I’ve been writing in response to traumatic memories. Whenever I felt bad, I wrote to express what I needed to say.

In the last few days I’ve turned to photography to distract myself from bad feelings. I bought a bouquet of very interesting tulips and am having some good times with them. Often, when I look at them I pick up my camera and take a few pictures. This happens several times a day. If this is anything like other flowers I’ve photographed, I’ll probably keep at it until they’re totally finished. (Did you see the two pictures in the last post?)

I’ll share a few of the pictures I’ve taken so far. And maybe they won’t be the last.

I hope you’ll enjoy them.